Micro/Macro Salad

Micro Medley
Micro Medley (Click to enlarge)
Micro Macro
Micro Macro (Click to enlarge)

Loved by chefs and home cooks for its ease of use and the flavour and interest it adds to a plate, our micro/macro salad consists of a range of baby leaf and micro-greens. The exact make-up of this versatile salad mix will depend on the time of year, for example in summer among the micros there will be micro-basil while in winter there will be micro-chard and micro-kale.

Baby leaf greens are more mature than micro-greens and their leaves are harvested when they are between 5cm and 14cm according to the variety.


To use, simply take a pluck of our micro/macro salad and drop on the plate on its way to the table – it is so packed with flavour yet delicate that no dressing is required.

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