Pipi At Home – Cook Book

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Alexandra Tylee is the owner and chef at Pipi in Havelock North, which she runs with her partner Chris. She’s also the mother of four sons and is the driving force behind Pipi.

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An extract from the “Pipi at home” cookbook

“One Sunday last autumn at the farmers market in Hastings, Clyde from Epicurean Supplies persuaded me to buy a particularly large, rather bumpy pumpkin, the ‘marina di Chioggia’. When I got home I cut it into wedges and roasted it with just some salt and pepper and olive oil. I did not really have much expectation. I find a lot of pumpkins quite watery and flavourless and have really only eaten the small dark green squash for the last few years. So it was a lovely surprise when I tried it and found it to be quite exceptional. Really good texture, not too dry, but not watery and then a really interesting, very pumpkinny sweet flavour. So that was lunch and we have been eating them and using them at Pipi ever since. And they also make amazing gnocchi (recipe, and photo of Epicurean’s Marina di Chioggia pumpkin pages 268-271 of cookbook).


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